Wound Care

There are three main type of chronic wounds that we treat at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care. These wound are diabetic foot ulcerations, wounds originating due to swelling and vein problems, and wound coming from artery problems.

Diabetic wounds typically result from increased pressure areas that the diabetic patient may not be able to feel while walking due to decreased pain sensitivity. These wound are typically found in high-pressure areas on the bottom of the feet or along prominent areas.

Venous wounds occur typically along the inside of the leg and result from excessive swelling. If you pop a hole in a balloon and blow the balloon up, the hole appears larger as it gets stretched. This is similar to venous wounds because of increased swelling will stretch the skin and keep wounds from closing.

Arterial wounds are when the skin is not healthy due to lack of blood flow and nutrients. The skin becomes vulnerable and it is easier to break down and takes longer to heal.

The team at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care is able to use techniques such as offloading high-pressure areas, decreasing swelling, and increasing blood flow to wounds to help the healing process as well as monitoring wounds to keep them from getting infected.

Dr Eric Lewis

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