The Moore Balance Brace

  • Over 14 million American adults aged 65 and older experience a fall each year
  • Every 15 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency room for a fall-related injury
  • In 2010, such falls resulted in direct costs to the US healthcare system of over $30 billion dollars
  • More than 20,000 of those falls resulted in death

In light of the staggering number of falls occurring in the older-adult population – nearly 40,000 each day in the US alone – it’s clear that lessening the risk of falls must become a prime focus for every healthcare professional. This is especially true considering that over 3.5 million more Americans are expected to turn 65 every year through 2030.

The Good News

Together, we can have a positive impact on countless lives and in turn, significantly lessen the burden on a healthcare system already stretched to the limit. One in three of our existing patients aged 65 and older WILL FALL without appropriate risk assessment and treatment protocols. Prescribing the Moore Balance Brace as a part of those protocols will help reduce our patients’ risk for falling and may even help save lives.

Assessing Risk

Persistent risk assessment for falls is the single most powerful tool we have in addressing falls. In an aging population, multiple medical touch-points emerge – from primary care physicians to geriatric specialists to physical and occupational therapists, registered nurses, ophthalmologists, audiologists, podiatrists and beyond. By resolutely addressing a patient’s risk for falls across each of these critical points of contact, substantial progress can be made in decreasing both the number and severity of occurrences.

Reducing Risk

Proven strategies for reducing the risk of falls in older adults are well established. No individual measure is a ‘silver bullet’ but in combination, a blueprint emerges that can dramatically decrease risk, improve life expectancy and preserve quality of life.

The Importance of Balance

Establishing and maintaining proper balance is one of the keys to reducing the risk of falls. In fact, good balance can often counteract the effects of other risk factors such as diminished muscle strength, dizziness and environmental obstacles among others. Patients who are prescribed and rigorously follow a comprehensive balance training & exercise program will realize an outstanding degree of falls risk reduction. In the meantime, or as a potent therapeutic compliment, there’s the Moore Balance Brace.


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