Patient Education

Surgery Instructions – Post-Operative

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Proper care during the post-operative period is an integral part of your surgical treatment program. It is imperative that these instructions are followed to insure proper healing and obtain the best results.

  1. On the way home, elevate your feet on 2 pillows while sitting in the back seat of your car.
  2. Elevate your feet above the level of your heart for 4-5 days following surgery. You can use 2 pillows with your knees slightly bent to help avoid muscle cramping.
  3. If pain level is not well controlled, you may not be elevating your feet enough.
  4. Wear the surgical shoe or boot at all times including to bed at night, and never walk without the surgical shoe or cast boot unless otherwise instructed.
  5. Walk only to the bathroom the day of your surgery. Then only a maximum of 5 minutes each hour thereafter.
  6. If instructed to do so, use crutches or a walker and place no weight on your foot.
  7. Apply an ice pack to your foot (or behind knee if in a cast boot) for 20 minutes each hour for the first 48 hours, unless you have diabetes, circulatory problems, or are told otherwise. Icing helps relieve pain.
  8. Keep your bandages clean and dry.
  9. Take a sponge bath for the next two days. Then you may bathe in tub with your foot elevated on the side of the tub. Use a plastic bag on your foot to protect it from splashing water.
  10. DO NOT SHOWER with a plastic bag on your foot. It will leak and your dressing will get wet.
  11. DO NOT remove your bandages or cast.
  12. If you are wearing an ace bandage, you may re-wrap it.
  13. Take medications as prescribed.
  14. Do not use alcoholic beverages and do not smoke, especially the four weeks following surgery.
  15. Do not drive or operate machinery until directed.
  16. A small amount of bleeding through the bandage may occur, and should not cause concern unless it becomes heavy or persists. If heavy bleeding occurs, then contact our office.
  17. It is normal to experience discomfort and swelling.
  18. Do not apply heat to your foot, such as with heating pads.
  19. Do not cross your legs.
  20. Bend your knees and rotate your feet and ankles 5 minutes each hour. If you have a cast on, bend your knees 5 minutes each hour.
  21. Eat a well balanced diet with protein, vitamins A, C, D, and zinc. Drink plenty of water.
  22. Call the office at 543-2476 anytime day or night:
    1. If there is continued bleeding through the bandages.
    2. If you bump or injure your foot.
    3. If your dressing gets wet, loose or falls off.
    4. If pain not controlled by medications, elevation and icing.
    5. If you develop a fever over 101.0 F.
    6. If your toes turn color (blue or white).
    7. If you have problems taking your medication.
    8. If you have any questions or problems.

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