Skin Cancer on your Feet!

Although cancer is relatively rare in the foot and ankle, we do diagnose it here at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care. Signs that you should look for when examining your skin follow the ABCD acronym. A is for asymmetry. A skin lesion that looks different when imagining it cut in half should warrant further inspection. B is border. A skin change that have edges that are raised, bumpy or blurred should raise suspicion. C stands for color. Skin color changes that are brown, black, red, or any other variation from the rest of your body should be checked. D is diameter. A skin change that is larger than 6mm in diameter or about the size of a pencil eraser should be tested. A skin biopsy can be performed in our office after numbing the area.

Any concern is validated in our office and we will do our best to examine the skin on your feet and ankles, and if needed set-up a referral for further work-up. Wounds that have not healed or recur, warts that get larger, or moles that appear darker can be tested and give you piece of mind.

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