Nsaid Overdose Is Real

What is a Nsaid? It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to relieve or reduce pain and swelling, such as Advil, Aleve or Motrin.

Going back to July 2017, someone close to me was having a great amount of pain in a joint, he started taking Advil several times a day to help relieve the pain. When that stopped working he was taking 4 Aleve 4 times a day, which helped with the pain, but the recommend dosage is 1 every 8-12 hours.

In August 2017 this use of Nsaid started causing severe stomach pain that resulted in a large GI bleed which ended up with us in the Emergency Room.

Months later in January 2018 after numerous GI tests, doctor appointments, blood tests, and several prescriptions for Iron pills because blood count remained low, everything was finally back to normal.

Please take the time to read the labels of medications you are taking, either over the counter or prescription and only take as recommended. If they are helping relieve the pain, seek a medical professional. Do not self medicate, it can lead to more severe health issues.


Karen D., Front Desk Receptionist

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