Getting Ready for Test Day

This week I spent more time studying for anatomy. I feel confident about the tests I have for anatomy coming up on Monday. I also had my second test in Principles and Practices of Podiatric Medicine this week on Thursday. Thankfully, I got another A! It was close though, 90%. Honestly, I feel pretty good about any A that I get in medical school. On this test, we were tested over a little bit about the foot. We had a lecture on topographic anatomy of the foot as well as a base level lecture on biomechanics! It was awesome to be learning about the foot! We haven’t focused on it very much yet, although we will begin in the upcoming semesters.

I’ve kept up with my running! I ran 4 times this week, and for one of them I ran a little more than a 5K! Each year in the San Luis Valley in a small town called Manassa, my family goes down in July for the Pioneer Day Celebration. There is a 5K race that happens each year that I sometimes like to run and never prepare for like I should. Well, this year I want to be ready for it and compete! There is the problem though that Manassa is about 6700 feet higher in elevation than here in Des Moines. Might be a problem but we will see!

Monday is big test day. I am taking an Anatomy Lecture Exam, then Clinical Medicine Lecture Exam right after, then in the afternoon I have an Anatomy Lab Practical to finish off the day. After it’s all done, we are heading back to Colorado for the week! The first-year students are given the week off after we are finished with our tests and my wife and I are excited to go back to Colorado for the week to see family and friends. I can’t wait! It’s about an 11-hour drive but it’s worth it to see family. Hope everyone is doing well in Colorado! Have a great week!

Levi Smith PMAC & Podiatric Medical Student @ DMU

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