Fracture Repair

At Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care we provide many valuable services above and beyond what is normally offered in a typical medical office.

First, all of the doctors at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care are highly skilled fracture care specialists. We take broken bones seriously. A fracture can definitely prevent you from living the active lifestyle you are used to living. With the benefit of digital x-ray technology, subsequent evaluation of the x-rays with you there, and a comprehensive approach to treatment we will get you back on your feet in the shortest time possible.

The shortest time possible may sometimes mean a fancy walking boot to immobilize the bone for proper healing. In other instances, you may need one of us to surgically fix the fracture in the operating room.

In fact, because we can do everything from x-ray to surgery scheduling right here in our office you can call our office directly and skip the hours you would spend in the emergency room. I bet you never thought having a fracture would be so convenient! Admittedly, not as convenient as not having one … of course.

Dr. Marble

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