Diagnostic Ultrasound At Pueblo Ankle And Foot Care

Mission: We provide comprehensive ankle & foot medical & surgical care utilizing state of the art technology. We provide excellent patient service in an enjoyable and safe environment.

As stated in our mission statement we strive to deliver foot and ankle care using state of the art technology. We are excited to announce our addition of Diagnostic Ultrasound imaging.  Diagnostic Ultrasound is one of two types of ultrasound, diagnostic imaging is a non-invasive imaging technique that is used to diagnose soft tissue injuries and other foot and ankle ailments like plantar fasciitis and peroneal tendonitis, or ruptured tendon and ligaments to name a few.

Therapeutic Ultrasound helps aid in the healing process for soft tissue injuries and is usually utilized in a therapy setting.

Not only diagnostic ultrasound is non-invasive, but it also provides immediate imaging.  We review the images right there in the exam room with the patient.  In conjunction with saving the patient time and money to possibly avoid lengthy insurance pre-authorizations and an appointment for expensive diagnostic imaging like an MRI.  Not only it saves time and money, but it can also give clarity and precise diagnostics to confirm the diagnosis.

Ultrasound does not use radiation in diagnostic imaging techniques.


Megan Rhule, PMAC

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