CSU-Pueblo Health Science Panel And Mentorship

Dr. Marble has participated in the CSU-Pueblo Biology’s Health Science Panel since 2011. The panel is asked a series of questions. Each panelist begins by introducing themselves and usually includes a little bit about why they chose their profession or specialty.

Dr. Marble indicated that he had sustained an ankle injury in high school from running where he had stepped on the rail that was lining the track. A family friend that was also a podiatrist allowed Dr. Marble to shadow his clinic and shared his passion for podiatry and solidified Dr. Marble’s choice of Podiatry as his career path.

Since speaking to a classroom of first year biology students, the entire panelists spoke about obtaining their undergraduate and how it impacted their journey into their profession. Dr. Marble spoke about his undergraduate degree he received from Brigham Young University. By the time entering medical school for podiatry, the specialty is already chosen as opposed to other medical degrees choose the specialty while attending medical school. Podiatrist receive a 4 year Podiatric Medical Doctorate which stands for the D.P.M. credentials. This is equivalent to any 4 year medical degree like an M.D. or D.O. would receive after medical school. Dr. Marble attended podiatry school in Chicago, Illinois. Then was accepted and completed his 3 year surgical residency in Utah.

Dr. Marble then came to Colorado and bought Dr. Schneider’s practice which then transitioned into Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care. Since then he has added his associate and business partner Dr. Eric Lewis in 2015 and added an additional associate Dr. Zeno Pfau to make Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care one of the largest podiatry clinics south of Colorado Springs with 3 Podiatrists and 2 locations. We are also anticipating an additional associate joining Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care June 2019 bringing our number of podiatrists to 4 total.

Dr. Marble spoke about his passion for seeing patients and how each person has a unique story to their diagnosis and pain. Adjusting an aspect of the patient’s daily activity or environment is also a huge piece of the puzzle that is intriguing in treatment of patients. Dr. Marble spoke about surgical options but also the conservative care of medicine. Each patient receives a tailored treatment plan according to life style or activity level with the end goal to get patients back to doing what they want/need to do. There are many surgeons and specialists that have different methods and that is the beauty of working in a multi doctor clinic and having the opportunity to collaborate with one another as podiatrists. Most conservative treatments patients receive in our office can make a major impact on their pain level before leaving Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care.

Dr. Marble then answered a question asked by a student about why there is lack of bedside manner in hospitals among other specialists. Dr. Marble spoke about communication being key in how doctors and surgeons treat technicians or nurses and especially their patients. Communication most likely could be a generational difference or even just personality. Dr. Marble spoke about calling each new patient to ensure clarification and to answer any questions that may arise after leaving the office. Dr. Marble also includes the referring physician in any findings from an initial visit at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care.

Megan Rhule PMAC & Practice Representative

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