A bunion is a bump on the side of the great toe and represents a deviation of the first metatarsal.  The deviation causes the great toe to lean toward the second toe. Bunions are caused from a weak or abnormal foot structure which placed a heavy load on the tendons, soft tissues and joint capsule of the first metatarsal or great toe.

Stiff leather shoes or shoes with pointed toe box will aggravate a bunion. Corns may occur between the first and second toes due to the toes rubbing against each other. Bursitis occurs when a sack of fluid forms at the first metatarsal joint which helps cushion the bone but causes acute pain and inflammation.

Early treatment of a bunion would include changing shoe style, pads in the shoes to alleviate pressure on the bone, foot orthotics to slow the deformity progression. If these measures fail surgery may be suggested (bunionectomy). Most successful bunionectomies require cutting and realigning the first metatarsal often using screws and/ or plates to hold the bone in place preventing further deviation.

If you suspect you may have a bunion, please call our office to make an appointment. One of our qualified podiatrists can diagnose and suggest correct treatment specific to your foot symptoms.

Wendy Taggart PMAC & Insurance Verification Specialist

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