Conservative Treatment

Surgery is cool. I get it. Nothing gets you more sympathetic looks and offers of help than saying: “I just had surgery” … read … “Bring me stuff including dinner and come over and visit me and play video games and read me books and watch movies with me – I’m sooo bored because my foot and ankle surgeon said I need to elevate my foot for days and days … ahhh!” Sounds nice right? BUT … In the over-dramatization above what is not mentioned is surgery is painful, there is potential for complications and maybe even recurrence, and could require a prolonged recovery time.

Don’t get me wrong if surgery is needed then we do it. We are good at what we do – including surgery. But we get to the point of having to do surgery by exhausting conservative measures. Rest assured the foot and ankle surgeons at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care will do everything warranted to get you pain-free. This may include orthotics, injections, physical therapy and the anti-pain dance (if there were such a thing) (and we knew it would work). Our goal the first time you come to see us, is within short order we will have you back to doing your normal activities pain free. Even better if it doesn’t require sutures.

by Doctor Marble

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