Conservative and Surgical Podiatric Medicine at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care

By Megan Rhule
Among poor shoe gear or lack of it (going barefoot), enduring a sedentary period during the COVID Pandemic or an increase of activity has caused an increased need for foot and ankle care in our community. We have seen it all when it comes to poor shoe choices and injuries from yard work to recreational activities to new exercise goals.

Here at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care, we focus on educating our patients and community when it comes to podiatric care in the 21st century. Conservative care is in and we have the solutions to getting patients back on their feet doing the things they love to do (or need to do). We offer a wide array of conservative treatments including but not limited to custom made orthotics, pads and spacers, splints, and bracing to steroid injections or laser therapy in the office. We take a plausible and investigative approach to foot pain and injuries. We research activities, change of shoe gear, possible foreign objects, injuries, lifestyle, change in exercise regimens, and more to know exactly what caused the pain which will then lead us to treatment options.

Surgery has higher risks involved and is usually our last option for treatment once we have exhausted conservative measures. Our podiatrists are highly qualified in foot and ankle surgery and participate in workshops in surgical advancements and state of the art techniques. They offer cutting edge procedures like minimally invasive ankle arthroscopy to joint replacements.

Inflammation is a huge culprit in foot and ankle pain. Rest from an activity is usually the best solution but not always practical for the active patient. Sometimes a change of shoe gear is enough to support the lower extremity or a simple change in activity level or exercise regimen from running to swimming or walking to biking. We do not condemn exercise and we in fact welcome our patients to participate in exercise routine, but some risk is involved when starting anything new. That is why we encourage starting gradually and following a safe introduction based on their primary care provider’s recommendations to fit the patient’s health conditions. Other ways of maintaining a healthy BMI are encouraged and should be considered a factor in increased pain and injuries.

Our patients do not walk on their hands and time is of the essence when it comes to preventing and improving foot and ankle pain. The sooner the patient receives podiatric care, the sooner the patient can continue living on a pain-free path.

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