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Do Patients Judge or Don’t They Judge?

May I offer an opinion encompassing both viewpoints:  ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE JUDGES EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!  If one thing has been proven over and over by the human condition: We are very adept at self justification of our own thoughts and reality – we judge positively or negatively why we feel the doctor should […]

Weekend Warriors: Injury Prevention

Have you noticed that the more time marches on the more difficult it is to bounce back from an injury? Even a mild workout or impromptu pick up game of basketball or flag football can cause significant soreness the next day. It used to be, 20+ years ago, you could easily shrug off such soreness […]

Life After Amputation

Thankfully your life has been saved with the removal of the infected toe/foot.  Literally, you have changed.  Your way of moving from one place to another will probably change as well. After your surgery, you’ll want to practice moving from your bed to a wheelchair, and from there to the toilet and back. Walkers may […]

What You Did To Get Your Feet

When you develop foot problems, the frustration and pain accompanying it might lead you to demand, “Why me?” While doctors don’t really control the fate of the universe, they can help you answer that question, at least with regards to bunions (hallux valgus) and high arched feet (pes cavus). A recent study found that many […]

So Part Of Your Foot Has Been Amputated

Pirates are known for missing body parts. Think about it: eye patches, wooden legs, and of course the hook. Arr. These items weren’t merely meant to accessorize a pirate’s wardrobe; they were made to compensate for or cover up parts of the body lost in battle, or possibly due to disease (a pirate’s life couldn’t […]

Fredette About Your Basketball Injury

Basketball injuries sideline players enough to make preventing them a seriously good idea. Whether you play basketball for fun or are a more serious player, avoiding injuries or helping them to heal quickly can get you back in the game as soon as possible. Acute injuries are difficult to avoid (unless you have one of […]

Effects Of Alcoholism On The Feet

Alcoholism can be kind of a hard subject to talk about, mostly because the disease has such serious social ramifications. Many who suffer from alcoholism feel ashamed, depressed, or irritable, and those around them suffer too. Alcohol can be powerfully addictive, and so a habit of excessive drinking can be hard to break, even when […]

Why Your Family History Is So Important

Family history is an important thing. And it’s not just because telling that story about Great Aunt Thelma and the possum gets people cracked up every time (although, oh my, that is a great story). Knowing your family history helps you to know a lot about yourself, like the kinds of things you might be […]

So You Have Peripheral Arterial Disease – 5 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your PAD

You may be able to improve your PAD by making lifestyle changes. For instance, quitting smoking, getting exercise, and improving your diet may help a lot. Unfortunately, sometimes lifestyle changes aren’t enough. There are medications available to treat peripheral arterial disease, mainly by addressing different aspects of PAD, such as high blood pressure, clot-forming, blood […]