Caring for Elderly Feet By Devin Klemm

The average life expectancy in the United States today is 78.54 years old. As we go through life, our bodies change dramatically from infancy to old age. As we age, our bodies slow down normal processes and new problems arise that we may have never faced before. For our older friends and family members, new problems can quickly worsen if not cared for properly. Today we will explore common foot problems that our elderly loved ones may be experiencing. Keep in mind these issues aren’t exclusively experienced by those of advanced years, but that’s the focus of this article.

Today, we see roughly one in three adults over the age of 65 deal with foot issues. These problems are often soreness, stiffness, or foot pain, or sensitivity. As we age, our feet experience a tremendous amount of use and abuse. Often times older adults are at higher risk for common foot problems like corns, hammertoes, ingrown or thickened nails, and bunions. Circulatory issues are also common among the older demographic and complications from diabetes can be more pronounced and problematic. Dry skin and bone density loss in advanced age can also serve to exacerbate these issues that they may not have had when they were younger.

How can we care for our aging feet? What can we do to help ourselves and our loved ones maintain comfortable walking for years to come? Customized orthotics are a great way to put the pressure of walking in the correct places of the foot. Getting real orthotics molded to your feet rather than the generic foam pad you could find at any store can change your life. Walking comfortably with the proper support can do wonders in improving your foot health and keeping them in the best condition for so much longer. This will allow you to take care of daily tasks and reduce the pain inhibiting you from accomplishing even basic routines you may have otherwise ignored.

Another great way to take care of your only two feet is by washing them and moisturizing them regularly. For some of our aging patients, this can be a difficult task. Stiffness and lack of mobility can make basic foot care challenging. Here at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care, we are always happy to help our older patients with some of these simple tasks if you don’t have the ability to do them yourself. Call in today to learn more about what we can do for your feet. Wearing clean, fresh socks is also a great way to reduce the risks older adults face from infections. Poor circulation and dry skin are a dangerous combination when foot health is concerned. Clean, new socks are an important way to reduce those risks. Old socks, even if washed regularly, are a breeding ground for various harmful bacteria and fungi.

If you are older or care for someone who is, regular doctor visits and proactive maintenance are imperative to your ability to walk comfortably. Call in today and let one of our doctors take care of your feet, and keep you walking for the years to come.

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