Be prepared!

I can’t believe it. My tests went so WELL!!! I scored a 90% on my biochem test which was MUCH better than the 76% that I got on the first one. I also scored a 94% on the medical cell biology test. Instead of having tests more spread out (one on Tuesday, another on Thursday, etc.) they are doing what they are calling a block schedule. So, we had both tests on Wednesday, back to back. Some students are opposed to this, but I prefer it this way. It is also preparing us for board exams in the future.

Most people ended up studying way more for biochem than they did for med cell since it was technically the harder test. So, most people didn’t do well on the med cell test. In fact, a couple of my friends were close to not passing. I was glad that I spend time in both subjects preparing. It apparently paid off! Up next as far as tests go, I have a principles and practices of podiatric medicine exam a week from Thursday and then the Monday following, October 7th, I have an anatomy lecture exam, an anatomy lab practical, and a clinical medicine exam. All of them will be on the same day because of the block schedule. It is really teaching us time management. Some students look at it and say, Oh I have two more weeks, I don’t really need to study right now. Those are probably the ones that didn’t do well on the med cell exam. Thankfully I’m learning to have the mindset that is, Okay I have two weeks to be fully prepared for the exams. It’s a lot of time to study so I better use it wisely and get started right now!

Our anatomy lab practical is going to be over all the structures that we have found since day one. That seems like forever ago although it hasn’t even been two months yet. It is a little overwhelming though since it is over 100 structures…maybe 200. There is a list, and it’s a very long one. I’m taking all the time I can get to be in the anatomy lab studying the cadavers and remembering all the structures that we need to know.

On a side note, I went to play disc golf after class on Thursday with a couple of guys in the DPM program. It was a blast! I love disc golf. It was nice to take a break from studying for a couple of hours and spend time with some new friends doing something that I love! There are some great courses here and I’m excited to play them! Of course, my studies come first but It’s important to take time for myself occasionally.

This week I don’t have any tests and lecture isn’t too heavy as far as material or number of classes. I will be studying hard for those exams because of that. I love the challenge that medical school is giving me. It’s making me do hard things and that’s not bad! It’s been a great experience so far and I love the material that I’m learning. I am so excited about this process of becoming a competent physician! It starts with these courses and learning all that I can right now so I can be the best that I can be when I get to start treating patients!

Talk to you all next week!

Levi Smith PMAC, Podiatric Student at DMU

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