Are you walking your way down the road of arthritis?

We take an average of 7,500 steps each day that allows us to circle the globe 5 times in our lifetime. With each step, we expose all the joints in our legs and feet to stress and gradual wear and tear. How well these joints hold up is determined by our alignment (be that good or bad).

Consider the alignment of a car and the wear and tear on the tires to the alignment of our joints and the wear and tear on joint cartilage. If the alignment is good then the joints and tires will have a normal life span with fairly even wear and tear. On the other hand, if the alignment is poor the joints, as well as the tires, will have excessive wear limiting how many miles they get us down the road. Joints with excessive wear become arthritic and painful leading to spur formation and limited motion. Just as a mechanic will check car alignment for abnormalities, podiatrists are trained to evaluate lower extremity alignment and determine how best to correct any abnormalities to help get you 5 times around the globe!

Dr. Maurer

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