Amerigel Premium Care Lotion

Restore dry, damaged or discolored skin naturally.  It’s the only lotion with the natural healing compound called oakin.  Oakin, a natural oak extract, is available exclusively through the Amerigel Skin and Wound Care product line. Developed by Amerx Health Care Corporation, this natural extract has been proven to promote healing in wounds, ulcers, cuts, burns, rashes, and skin conditions caused by poor circulation, infection and bacteria. Maximum strength Amerigel Premium Care Lotion rehydrates and soothes dry, irritated skin, softens and exfoliates corns and calluses, moisturizes and promotes healthy skin to prevent skin breakdown, non greasy, fast-absorbing formula, safe for sensitive skin, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, dye free, and steroid free.  It is physician approved and recommended for diabetes skin care, strengthening skin to prevent breakdown, the leading cause of diabetic ulcers.

Amerigel lotion is also used for hemosiderin staining, which is iron deposits trapped between the layers of skin causing discoloration often associated with bruising.  It is used for stasis dermatitis which is redness and scaling of the legs due to poor circulation.  Accumulation of dry cracked skin around the heels caused by bacteria or fungus and is called chronic drytinea. Amerigel Premium Care Lotion is the perfect remedy for a multitude of foot care symptoms. To learn more visit

Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care sells Amerigel Premium Care Lotion over the counter so you need not to be a patient to purchase it.  However, if chronic problems persist please make and appointment with one of our capable podiatrists.

Wendy Taggart, PMAC & Insurance Verification

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