Do you have Dry Macerated Skin Between the Web Spaces of your Toes?

The skin that lies between the toes, the web spaces, are particularly prone to superficial infections. The most common of these infections are limited to the scaly surface of the skin, referred to as the keratin layer. Such infections may be caused by bacteria, conventional fungi, or yeast.

The most common symptoms associated with superficial interdigital infections are itching and/or burning. Some infections may be erosive or fissured while others are scaly. The most common appearance of an infected web space is white and cotton-like, referred to as maceration.

A new treatment option is now available only from your physician. You need not be a patient to purchase the treatment.  MacerRx Web Gel is a safe, effective formulation indicated for the treatment of web space infections. MacerRx Web Gel can relieve itching, burning and cracking symptoms while the web spaces heal. The treatment is applied twice daily for four weeks.

Wendy Taggart MA and Insurance Verification