Patients Are More Than Patients

I recently received an obituary for one of my favorite patients that made me laugh, cry and ponder on things in life. We both looked forward to seeing each other at his regularly scheduled at risk foot care appointments which was every 3 months. He gave me advice on life asked for or freely given and I enjoyed our time together.

I strongly believe caring for our patients is much more than any ailment below the knee. Many of our patients are geriatric or live alone and they look forward to our conversations or hilarious banter. We develop relationships and friendships that gives everyone of us in our office something to look forward to everyday while serving and caring for our patients.

I have read numerous obituaries through the years and I am saddened by every one of them, including the ones anticipated due to health reasons which doesn’t make it easier either. I love my role as a medical assistant at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care and now as a practice representative, but I have found my true calling which is patient care in clinic. This has always been more than a job or providing for my family, its home.