Medicare Misconceptions

When I speak with Medicare patients, I often hear some confusion about what Medicare plan they have and what that plan covers. First, Medicare Plan A generally helps cover services provided by hospitals (inpatient services), skilled nursing facilities or home health agencies. The Medicare Part B plan helps cover most other services (such as physician’s services and other outpatient services), and certain medical items (such as DME or durable medical equipment and supplies). The Medicare Part D plan helps cover many prescriptions drugs selected by the plan using a team of doctors and pharmacists.

Additionally, the letter listed at the end of your Medicare number on your Medicare card has nothing to do with the type of Medicare plan you have. For example, an “A” listed at the end of your Medicare number signifies that you have your own plan under your social security number. A “B” at the end of your Medicare number signifies that your plan is under your spouse and his or her social security number. Other letters at the end of the Medicare number determine other groups of people on the Medicare plan.

For further questions regarding Medicare plans, contact (800) 633- 4227. TTY users should call (877) 486-2048. You can also visit on your computer.