Do Patients Judge or Don’t They Judge?

May I offer an opinion encompassing both viewpoints:  ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE JUDGES EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!  If one thing has been proven over and over by the human condition: We are very adept at self justification of our own thoughts and reality – we judge positively or negatively why we feel the doctor should have a nice car.  Positively = the doctor is successful if he/she has a luxury vehicle and so has a lot of patients and if all of those patients are going to he/she then it means I will be treated well too.  Negatively = it means the doctor thinks he/she is better than me and wants to flaunt it.  I could go on and on for both sides of social issues in our profession (and all professions for that matter) ranging from as simple as what car a doctor should buy to as complex as why an employee leaves an employer or why some doctors thrive in a “downturn” economy and others do not.

For all these issues it is easy for me to project onto the other party HOW they may be judging me. But it isn’t that simple..  I cannot (or at least should not) make these types of broad judgments about patients’ attitudes just like I hope they do not make them about me. I know this isn’t reality.  Judgments will happen and I am not talking about whether I treat a bunion one way or another.  I know I can only control how one person judges on this planet … yep yours truly.  And, as the people around me would tell you, I have a ways to go.