November Deal of the Month 2016


You know you can get prescriptions for eyeglasses, high cholesterol, and allergies, but you may not be aware that you can get prescriptions for shoe inserts as well. These specially crafted devices, commonly known as orthotics or orthoses, are designed specifically for your foot, and are created to correct problems in the way you walk, the way your foot is shaped, or provide additional support for weak areas of your feet. They may also be used to accommodate areas of your foot that are unusually prominent.

Basically, orthotics affect the way your feet interacts with the ground when you walk, making being on your feet much more comfortable. When you have foot problems, your podiatrist may use orthotics as a more conservative alternative to surgery. In many, they can help eliminate pain and discomfort while you walk, making it possible for you to forgo surgical treatment entirely. Orthotics generally work best when paired with other treatments, such as physical therapy and medication.

Deal of the Month! November 2016

Order a second pair of custom made orthotics, only $200 for this month. Normally $250!

  • Might be covered by your insurance!
  • Order before your deductible starts over in 2017!
  • Deal only valid on second pair of orthotics. Must have already been casted and original purchased.

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