Diabetes and Wound Care

We had a patient come in recently with pain in the right foot for one week. A red area had developed between the 4th and 5th toes and had been gradually getting larger and more painful. The patient finally went to the emergency room where the possibilities were a deep infection possibly affecting the bone, a bug bite, or cracked dry skin that allowed a bacteria to enter. The patient has diabetes with poor circulation and poor feeling but this had gotten so bad the patient was starting to have pain. After finding that the infection had not likely gone to the bone the patient came in to see me the next day. The patient had still not gotten the antibiotic and had been walking around most of the day. Luckily, when we found out the patient had diabetes and a likely infection we were able to accommodate them into one of our emergency appointments in our Pueblo West location. Unfortunately, I had to talk bluntly about the possibility of losing a part of the foot. After a culture of the wound was taken, reinforcing of the severity of the infection, and importance of proper wound care with oral antibiotics the patient had a clearer understanding of the importance of taking these types of things more seriously. Thankfully the patient seemed to get the message and is on the way to healing!