The “Curbside Consult”

I would say on a fairly regular basis I get a “curbside consult”. This occurs when a friend, family member, or absolutely complete stranger requests my expertise outside of the office. I find it amusing people are willing to bare their tootsies in the most interesting places. I have had people remove their shoes at church, in the middle of a meeting, and even in line at the grocery store. But despite this I find I always end up saying a couple of the same statements: “1) In order for me to get the clearest idea of where we should go treatment wise (radiographs, more comprehensive evaluation) I would recommend you come to the office. 2) Despite any recommendations during this ‘curbside consult’ it is possible, based on a more comprehensive evaluation, you may benefit from a completely different treatment course.” Bottom line come into Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care and we will get you back on your feet ASAP.