Month: October 2016


Amendment 69 has far more questions and ambiguities than clear answers. Amendment 69 would be devastating for Colorado’s economy, employers and their employees. Here are the facts: It is costly. The $25 billion tax increase would essentially DOUBLE the size of the current state budget. Employers would have a new 6.67% payroll tax, and all […]

The “Curbside Consult”

I would say on a fairly regular basis I get a “curbside consult”. This occurs when a friend, family member, or absolutely complete stranger requests my expertise outside of the office. I find it amusing people are willing to bare their tootsies in the most interesting places. I have had people remove their shoes at […]

Deal of the Month – October

Buy any 2 toe spacers/spreaders (1 dozen foam or single silicone), budin splints, toe caps, crest pads or lambs wool and get 1 free! Reduce pain and friction associated with crooked, overlapping and/or flexible hammer toes, corns or calluses with a variety of our pads and splints. These are considered conservative methods of treating minor […]