Month: September 2016

Pregnancy and Ingrown Toenails

I had a future mother come into the office recently. She was in her third trimester and had ingrown toenails in both great toes. Unfortunately, she had developed swelling and of course her shoes didn’t fit anymore. To top it off she was a “picker” and had attempted “bathroom” surgery on a previous occasion. She […]

Surgery of the Foot and Ankle

There are two types of physicians that can perform surgery of the foot and ankle. The podiatric physicians at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care attended 4 years of undergraduate education, 4 years of podiatric medical school and 3 years of extensive elective, limb salvage and trauma surgical residency training. We have focused on the foot […]

Reconstructive Surgery

Chronic foot and ankle pain caused by foot deformities, arthritis and tendinitis can become debilitating despite all conservative efforts. When conservative measures fail, surgical correction to remove arthritic joints, straighten crooked bones, and repair tendons and ligaments may be required. Reconstructive surgeries are carefully planned and executed to provide long term relief of these painful […]