Weekend Warriors: Injury Prevention

Have you noticed that the more time marches on the more difficult it is to bounce back from an injury? Even a mild workout or impromptu pick up game of basketball or flag football can cause significant soreness the next day. It used to be, 20+ years ago, you could easily shrug off such soreness knowing you would be back in tip top shape within a day or so. Recently, with PCPs telling their patients to get moving more and more, we are finding more and more overuse injuries from improper training techniques.

Here is a quick guide to injury prevention especially in your older years:

1) The sooner you can come to a realization of your mortality the better. Don’t assume that because you could do it 10-20 years ago that you can get right back out there without gradually increasing your exercise requirement

2) Start slow – do literally a tenth of your hoped for workout on the first day. It would be helpful to employ a physical trainer to at least get you back into shape

3) Finally – LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Make sure you stop an activity if you feel a pop or soreness starting before you even finish.