June Deal of the Month

Deal of the Month Valid June 2016

Compression Stockings & Diabetic Socks – Buy 1 pair get the 2nd pair half off!

Compression socks apply ‘graduated’ pressure. During the day the body will pump blood to all extremities and this of course includes the foot or feet that the compression socks are being worn on. However throughout the day the effect of gravity can sometimes cause blood to pool in the bottom of the foot – especially if you spend a lot of the day on your feet – and this can cause a range of circulatory problems including varicose veins, edema, thrombosis or just leg cramps and discomfort.

Thus there are many uses of compression socks. They can be used to treat the circulatory problems listed above such as thrombosis or varicose veins and they can help to counteract some of the ill effects of jobs that require you to be on your feet for large periods of time, or of being overweight which can place extra pressure on the feet through gravity. Additionally athletes may wear compression socks as a way to give themselves additional support for their activities that require running and jumping. Finally they can be very useful for those who have twisted their ankles or otherwise had bone, joint or muscle injuries focussed on their lower limbs.