Coping With The Likely Injection

We now have an office out in Pueblo West as part of the Centura Clinic on the South side of Hwy 50 between Purcell and McCulloch. While at that location today, I was meeting with Gertrude (name changed to protect the innocent). It was determined that she would benefit from an injection in her arthritic foot joint. There was this crazed look in her eyes like she might pass out just at the thought. She brought up all kinds of concerns she had projected onto “an injection” in her foot. All of which were necessary for me to resolve before doing the injection. After all – THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

Concern #1 – “You are going to make me cry!”
Truth #1 – Although true, that sometimes injections in the foot can be uncomfortable (Google Brian Reagan and pain pressure) it depends on where the injection is and the technique of the podiatrist (all three of us at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care are awesome).

Concern #2 – “I don’t want anything injected into my bone!”
Truth #2 – Foot and ankle physicians don’t inject into bone; we inject into joints and soft tissue. Another structure we absolutely avoid are tendons as the tendon can weaken and even rupture.

Concern #3 – “I can’t because I need to be able to walk a million miles at Disney World next week!”
Truth #3 – It’s only between 30 and 40 miles at Disney World if doing 4-5 days and the injection will most likely provide the patient with enough therapeutic benefit to allow her much more comfort walking all over the park than without it.

End of story – She got the injection, she didn’t cry, it went into her joint and now she is ready to walk, walk, walk.