Month: January 2016

Foot Anatomy

The foot consists of ¼ of the total bones of our bodies. The foot normally has 26 larger bones and 2 smaller bones behind the big toe. Approximately 10% of people have accessory or extra bones located in their feet, which many times never cause pain and are only found when an x-ray is taken. […]

King Henry’s Foot

Did you ever wonder why a foot is 12 inches in length? The most common theory is that King Henry I of England wanted to standardize length and therefore used his booted foot, being 12 inches. It is also said that the yard was based on the distance from his nose to his thumb of […]

A New Year With New Resolutions

Happy New Year!  Since the last time you heard from me we at Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care have undergone quite a few wonderful changes.  We now have two additional Podiatric physicians – Dr. Maurer (with us since 2012) and Dr. Lewis (with us since July 2015).  Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care is the most […]