Fredette About Your Basketball Injury

Basketball injuries sideline players enough to make preventing them a seriously good idea. Whether you play basketball for fun or are a more serious player, avoiding injuries or helping them to heal quickly can get you back in the game as soon as possible.

Acute injuries are difficult to avoid (unless you have one of those handy devices that stops time just as some guy is about to bowl you over). If you are the Jimmer – They happen all at once, like when you twist your ankle as you land from a jump, or pull a tendon as you scramble to block another player.  Jimmer’s most recent injury was a contusion to the calf muscle for which he has been using a protective sleeve.

Chronic injuries develop over time, and may include stress fractures, inflammation of tendons, shin splints or blisters. Fortunately, chronic injuries can be prevented with proper training and equipment (and you don’t even need a time-stopping device). Court shoes can keep your foot secured as you move rapidly from side to side, and they give extra support to your ankle, which can prevent sprains and fractures. Acrylic socks can prevent blisters from forming. Stretching and warm-up exercises before you start to play can also help.

If you do get an acute injury on the court, it’s essential that you stop playing and apply first aid as soon as possible. Resting your injured foot, applying ice and a compression bandage, as well as elevating your foot can usually help, and you can also take ibuprofen or aspirin for temporary pain relief. Then, you should see your podiatrist as soon as possible.  Of course, if you ARE Jimmer Fredette you play through the pain and still shoot bombs from 30 feet.  You will still weave through traffic on your way to a 3 point play the old fashioned way.  But are you Jimmer Fredette – ahh no.

Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions, and your injury (whether chronic or acute) should heal up enough to get you back on the court again. And next time, you might want to bring along one of those time-stopping devices . . . or . . . be Jimmer Fredette.