Month: January 2011

So You Have Peripheral Arterial Disease – 5 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your PAD

You may be able to improve your PAD by making lifestyle changes. For instance, quitting smoking, getting exercise, and improving your diet may help a lot. Unfortunately, sometimes lifestyle changes aren’t enough. There are medications available to treat peripheral arterial disease, mainly by addressing different aspects of PAD, such as high blood pressure, clot-forming, blood […]

Online Podiatry: Is the convenience worth it?

It seems you can do almost anything on the internet these days. You can get a degree online, talk to librarians, even purchase pretty much everything from snow blowers to ancient artifacts. But is the internet the right place to get medical care? Several companies have started offering consultations with physicians online. They generally treat […]

Foot Orthotics – Are They For You?

You’ve probably seen clothing that’s purportedly ‘one size fits all.’ As though a scarf designed for a giraffe would fit on a pug dog. Or a jacket suited for a wallaby could work well for a rhino. Not that we’re quite as different as these animals, but all too often, t-shirts or hats or (heaven […]

5 Don’ts and Do’s of Frostbite

People have a sort of love-hate relationship with winter. We tend to love winter sports, like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowball-pelting. But driving around on icy roads is anything but enjoyable (unless you actually enjoy unintentional 360s on the highway), and winter is, let’s face it, just darn cold. The truth is that as fun […]