Matthew Willis Of The Denver Broncos – Done For The Season

Okay, guys. Let’s talk a little bit about taking the time to recover from a serious injury. Take a broken foot, for instance. Now, sometimes broken bones in the foot are stress fractures (hairline cracks in the bone that develop over time), and sometimes they’re more traumatic breaks. Bone injuries can happen a lot in sports, particularly in football. Sadly, in last Sunday’s game against the New York Jets, Matthew Willis of the Denver Broncos broke his foot so badly that surgery will be necessary to fix it.  As of this blog post I am still unclear of what kind of fracture Matt sustained and cannot give an opinion about recovery times.

Fortunately for Matt, he’s been placed on injured reserve for the rest of the season. While his team will miss him, it’s important that Matt take the time necessary to allow his foot to heal. There will be the surgery itself, of course, which may involve affixing plates to the bones using pins or screws to keep the bones in place until they’ve reunited properly. Then, there’s the recovery time. Many patients feel a lot better about ten to sixteen weeks after surgery, although full recovery may take many months.

Following your doctor’s post-operative instructions is vital for a successful recovery. Although he’s no doubt eager to get back to football, Matt will do well to do as his doctor instructs. This may include icing the area to keep swelling to a minimum, keeping the foot elevated, and possibly using special equipment like crutches, braces, or surgical shoes. But, perhaps most importantly, it’s necessary that he gives his foot time to heal after this major break. And while it may be painful to sit out this season, it’ll be far better for Matthew Willis in the long run to have a foot that’s fully healed and ready to play.