Month: September 2010

Sweaty Feet – It Can Be Treated

Some medical conditions of the foot are painful. A few may even be life-threatening. But some conditions are just downright embarrassing. Take sweaty feet: no one would really classify it as life-threatening (unless, of course, your life depends on your ability to keep your socks dry), but having sweaty feet (and sometimes the smelly feet […]

Shin Splints – What A Pain!

Your legs, when stressed, may develop shin splints. Now, we’re talking about a certain kind of stress here, usually caused by running or standing on hard surfaces or up or down inclines, being overweight, having flat feet, wearing worn out shoes, participating in sports with a lot of stopping and starting (like basketball), and not […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis And Your Feet

You may sometimes get ticked off at yourself. You may even, under extreme circumstances, berate yourself soundly for mistakes. Like that time when you poured an entire pitcher of hot chocolate over the French ambassador. Or worse, when your mother-in-law overheard you telling a friend that she reminded you of Genghis Khan. Times like that. […]