Month: July 2010

5 Ways To Prevent Foot Melanoma

Its that time of the year when those who worship the sun (you know who you are) are out in full force soaking up the rays.  A snow bird is someone who goes south to get closer to the sun.  Those that can’t get enough go even further toward the equator for vacations.  All in […]

The ABC’s Of Foot Melanomas

Every year, when summer finally comes around again, we humans tend to get in the habit of shucking off our clothing. It’s understandable; solar radiation starts cooking up the atmosphere, and our sun-starved winter skin seems to be screaming for a little light. And really, is there anything more pleasant than lying on a blanket […]

Foot Swelling – Pain And Discomfort

Hot air balloons are beautiful, aren’t they? Bright and colorful, they drift quietly through the air, removing the traveler from toil and endless trouble. Unfortunately, not all things that swell up like hot air balloons are beautiful or free from difficulty. Joints, for one, are decidedly less pleasant when they begin to swell. Fortunately, your friendly […]