Month: June 2010

Your Arthritic Foot Joint – What A Party Pooper!

Life is good when everything in your body is moving smoothly: ligaments and muscles pulling easily without tears or weakness, bones supporting the motion, cartilage and joint fluid doing their part to lubricate things nicely. It’s like the best sort of party: everyone’s getting along. Unfortunately, just like all parts of the body, joints are […]

The Dreaded Ingrown Toe Nail – How Does It Happen?

Toenails are generally pretty innocuous. They’re rarely threatening (except, of course, when toenail clippings fly across the room like tiny bits of organic shrapnel at slightly less than the speed of sound). Usually, toenails grow straight out, keeping a nice noninterference policy with the rest of the toe. There are times, however, when nails begin […]

The Corn On Your Foot

It may come as no surprise to you to learn that corns on the feet get their name because of their resemblance to kernels of corn (kernels that have somehow landed and gotten stuck on your toes). Corns, like calluses, are caused by pressure on the skin, usually from too-tight shoes, foot deformities, or abnormal […]